Sunday, February 7, 2010

Making Kitchen Towels for the Mexican Pastors' Wives.....

My sister Missy and her mother in law, Judy Miller, are making and donating kitchen towels/pot holders that hang on a stove handle or kitchen cabinet handle. I have one that Judy gave me a couple Christmases ago and I just love it and use it all the time! It is getting quite worn out and Missy and Judy have agreed to make not only a few for me but one for each of our pastors' wives here in Mexico to include in their Care Packages we'll be giving out at the Institute Classes next month.

Thanks so much, Judy and Missy. I know the pastors' wives are going to enjoy these towels, and I know I will for sure enjoy mine!

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Missy said...

you are welcome, melodie! i am happy that we can help. and the kitchen towels are so fun and easy to make. hope the mexican ladies love them!!! wish i could be there to help you make the care packages for them. that would be so much fun. 8-)