Friday, October 29, 2010

Logan's Broken Arm

Logan fell a week ago today in front of the church in Rio Bravo and broke both bones in his left arm. I have a picture of the arm before it was set, but none of us can stand to look at it and it's probably not something I should share online. His first broken bone and he did it up right!

He was playing with his brothers and a bunch of Mexican kids, attempting to climb onto Cameron's shoulders (as boys are wont to do), when gravity took over and he hit the concrete. He tried to catch himself and the rest is history.

Pastor Santiago took Marc and Logan to a hospital which was blessedly close and the ER team (specialist, hospital doc and nurses) treated Logan so well....meds for the pain were administered and his arm was able to be set (while he was under anesthesia) without requiring surgery - thank You, Lord!

Seems like everything happens to this boy - guess some kids are just like that. :-)


Sarah Cook said...

Wow! Sounds painful! Did it break the skin? Poor guy. Hope it heals nicely and quickly.

Angie Davis said...

One word: yeowch. Glad he's around to keep your life interesting!