Thursday, July 29, 2010

Heartland Youth Camp 2010

We were so thankful to get to attend and participate in Heartland BM Youth Camp again this summer! Such a blessing to our family!

Logan had so much fun playing with his buddies, Jacob Snelling and Kenton Gurnee.

And here's Cameron studying Scriptures with his team. Jacinda Cravens and Jac Crawford were great coaches for Cameron's team - the Patriarchs!

Marc enjoyed announcing the Stars vs. Stiffs game again this year. Randy Brown was his able assistant. :-) (Randy and Tanya were awesome coaches for Jordan's team - the Prophets!)

Jordan made the All-Stars Softball Team this year - so proud of him. He did a great job playing!

It was so great to worship together and feel God's presence in the services. Scenes like this make every penny of expense to get here worth it!

I had fun helping with the Snack Bar and working with Jane Livengood again this year. Also being with lots of wonderful friends! And so glad Marc got to be with us this time - we missed him last year!

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