Saturday, March 24, 2007

Pizza Party

During this weekend, we have been blessed to attend and participate in the Family Seminar here at the HIM church in Salamanca. Craig Dahler is the speaker and has been doing a great job.

Last night, our pastor and family from the Bible Methodist Church in Cuchicuato, Refugio Sanchez and his family, came to the service and to our home afterwards for a meal. We made lots of pizzas, Isela made spaghetti, and we had a wonderful time fellowshipping. They called it "la comida gringa" (gringo food), but I noticed they ate it with great gusto anyway!


Vonnie said...

So cool that Craig Dahler is down there 'cuz his son is up here with the GBS Quartet. They have been here through the weekend. We've had a great time with them, they went tubing with the youth group on Saturday afternoon and had lots of fun. Love, Vonnie

Myranda said...

So cool! The pizza sounds wonderful! Love you - and miss you terribly!

Janan said...

I so wish we could be there with you while Marc is gone. You know that we are praying everyday for you all. Sound like you had fun making the pizza and spaghetti. You are doing a great job. i love you so much! Mama