Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Here's the Next Step

Logan will be having sinus surgery tomorrow morning at 7:30 here at the Children's Hospital. A pediatric ENT specialist will be performing the surgery. Logan will be hospitalized at least 2 more days, according to the information we have at this time.

We would appreciate your continued prayers for Logan.

Thank you,
Marc and Melodie


Springer Family said...

we'll be praying HARD for you all!

Anonymous said...

We will be praying for Logan tomorrow. We know that God is going to give you the strength that you need at this time!!

Jim,Marie, Jamison and Jennifer

Chris & Esther Hilling said...

We have been praying for you all, and will pray tomorrow morning before school for Logan. You all keep encouraged!

Becky said...

We have been praying and will continue to pray.

The Holdens said...

We will be praying for you this morning!

The Going Blog said...

Thanks for another update. My heart goes out to you all. I can't wait to hear that you all are home :) Praying for you!

Kathy said...

We're praying; and now praying for his grandma Sankey in the hospital too!

~Heather~ said...

We're praying HARD for y'all and Logan and those doctors right now!!

Hoping to hear that all is well soon.

Love, Heather =)