Saturday, November 10, 2007

We're "Home"

Logan came home from the hospital last night about 6 pm. He was so happy - the smile on his face says it!

He's doing well, but needs another 7 days of IV antibiotics due to the extensive infections in his sinus cavity and his eye. A central line was inserted yesterday, so that we could leave the hospital and infuse the antibiotics at home. Home health care is teaching Marc and me how to infuse the medicine - and we'll hopefully be able to do it ourselves beginning Monday morning. Those of you who know how I "love" needles can just pray extra hard for me.

The language school where Marc attended - RGBI - has offered us the use of an apartment here on campus until we're ready to return home - such a blessing!

Uncle Steve gave Logan some pretty cool money as collector's items

Logan's outside playing with friends and brothers this morning - what he's waited to do for so long. He has to be careful with the central line site, we're keeping an eye on him, and he's loving his freedom!

He is schedule for another CT scan and 2 follow up doctors' appointments next week.

Logan and his "prize" from Walmart

We're cutting this rather close since the entire Sankey Family is flying to Guatemala on Monday, the 19th and on to Honduras the latter part of the week. This trip has been planned for years, tickets are bought, and we're praying everything goes well with Logan so we can go.

Again, thanks for all your prayers!



~Heather~ said...

Sooooo GLAD that Logan got to come home from the hospital! YEA! Glad for the apartment for y'all close by too. God is awesome! Bless y'all's hearts, I cannot imagine having to mess with that IV, but God will help y'all, I'm sure!

Dad II told me how soon your trip to Honduras is...WE'RE PRAYING FOR A QUICK RECOVERY FOR LOGAN, and that all the suitcases get packed and y'all can take your planned trip! God is able!!

Love, Heather =)

Heather said...

I am so glad Logan got to come home! Hope he continues to get better! We'll keep praying,Love ya

Tamra said...

I know you guys were SO READY to walk out those hospital doors - with Logan! Hope everything continues to go well and you guys will be able to go on your trip.

Janella said...

YEA!!!!Couldn't wait to get to the computer today:) So glad Logan is "out" We are praying still, I know you are anxious about the next week. Hang in there, you are a great mom, you can do it!!Love, Janella

Patty said...

So happy to here the great news. I hope everything works out for your trip.

Liz said...

Tell Logan we're half as glad as he is that he's home! :>) So sorry it's been a rough time for you all, but glad you've had Steve and Beth right there.


Cindy said...

Great to hear that Logan is home! The kids at SCCA have been requesting prayer for him every he's been getting lots of prayers. If I was there, I'd be happy to help with the IV's. I work for a local home health care agency, so teaching IV administration is partly what I do for a living! I'm sure you'll do just fine.
Take care, and please know that we continue to pray.

Missy said...

I am SO glad that Logan is finally out of the hospital. Those kinds of places are really hard on kids. I know you guys will do great with the IV thing. You can do it!!

I love you and am proud of the way you have held up in the last month+. You guys are great parents. God has been with Logan and all of you. I am sure it is great to be a "together" family again.

I will call you later today. Love you...MM

The Millard Family said...

Glad you're home Logan! It looks like you'll be having fun with that new Nerf toy! Daniel thinks that is way cool. You're an awful big boy Logan. I can tell by the pictures that you were. Hugs and kisses to you. We pray everyday for your complete healing.