Wednesday, July 23, 2008

"Catch Up" Post - Part One

Where do I begin? Well, let me start with some pictures I want to share and just work my way over the last few weeks of "pictureless" posting (how boring!)

Don't you just love the looks on both faces? Grandma Ferguson is giving it straight to her grandson (and Grandpa Ferguson look-alike) Marc. Just love her hanging onto his suit...

We took a little time off to visit Spring Mill State Park and stay in the Spring Mill Inn....just beautiful.

Marc and me in front of the Spring Mill Inn

Having fun with friends, Micah and Josh Barrett and kids at Holiday World!

Our kids with the fabulous diving team - they were amazing!

Having fun splashing in the water - it was a hot day!

We were privileged to be with 2 of my sisters and their families one of the Sundays we were in Indiana. What fun we had....I won't post the "crazy" picture we did after the normal one was taken!

3 sisters....yes, one of us was missing - love you Mandy!

We enjoyed seeing my parents at Alabama Bible Methodist Camp - they were the song evangelists.

Here's a couple shots of our Missions Service there in Alabama. Jordan is translating Marc's Spanish greetings to the people into English, and then Stetlers are singing with our family on the special song, "Father, I Adore You".

Ok, gotta take a for Part Two coming soon!

In response to all the "pleas" for the crazy picture, here it is! What a loony bunch!


Vonnie said...

Oooooo, so good to get an update. Love the picture of Cameron playing his guitar!!

The Smith Family said...

Just heard that you will be at our church the end of August. Can't wait to see and hear all about your work in Mexico. Hope ya'll have a wonderful summer.

Mamabear said...

Please post the crazy pic! You know thats the one everybody wants to see! :-D

sankey family said...

well, if I get enought requests, I'll think about

Anthony said...

I realize I am a little late here, but...I, too, would love to see the "crazy" pic!!!

Cindy said...

Well at least a couple of you appear sane :)