Sunday, July 27, 2008

Heartland Youth Camp 2008

This year's Heartland Youth Camp was one of the best - and a very special one for me because I now have a youth camp age son!! When did this happen??

Jordan was a camper at Youth Camp this year and I was so proud of him. He thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the intense schedule, services and activities and was a great asset to his team - the Witnesses, led by Jessica and Jacinda Cravens. There were 13 members on his team. He did say he didn't enjoy the getting up early to "report" at the Flag Pole though. He had to be there at 7:10 am each day except Friday - that day he had to be present at 6:40 am!

We were so happy to have Jordan in this atmosphere: the atmosphere of teenagers having fun, playing and working hard, worshipping God, and so much more. We love you, son!
I took lots of pictures - there's many I could share. But here's just a few pictures of his week.

Jordan answering quiz questions on the book of Galatians with his team.
Jordan with one of his best friends, Caleb

This was one of my favorite moments - Jordan praying at the altar. This is worth it all. And having a dad to pray with you....thank you, Marc, for the incredible father you are to our boys.

It was so much fun to be with my cousin Sherilyn and her husband, Andrew at Youth Camp. We love you guys!
Marc and Andrew announcing the baseball games: All Stars and Stars vs. Stiffs
Marc was the referee for the Stars vs. Stiffs basketball game
The beautiful cabin where we stayed on the campground - thanks, Randy and Heather!

Mike Pennellatore and his helpers made their world-class, fabulous pizza for everyone at Youth Camp on Friday. Wow, is it delicious! Here we are sitting around the table in the dining hall enjoying it to the fullest!
Mike is in the white and yellow shirt in the back

One final note: a special thank you to the 2 churches we visited today to present our Share Support program: Faith Mission Church here in Bedford and the Pilgrim Holiness Church in Madison, IN. New share supporters joined our team in both churches, delicious meals were provided for us and we say thank you for it all!


Joshua V. said...

Nice Pics! It was great to see you guys at Youth Camp! Take care...

Vonnie said...

Loved catching up with all of your blogging. So glad Jordan got to go to Youth Camp. Looks like a very fun time!

Ronda said...

Looks like the kids had a blast a Youth Camp!!!! Great pictures!

Lisa said...

Wonderful pics! It touched me to see your son praying...I love it! It's so nice to stay up with you guys through this blogging technology!!! :)

Take care,

Katie and the boys said...

It was nice catching up with you guys at youth camp. I didn't realize that my neice was on Jordan's team (the girl in front of him).

Constance said...

It is hard to believe he is a youth camper. I remember carrying him around as a baby.

Jennifer Truitt said...

Looks like you all had a great time at youth camp! Thanks for sharing the great pictures! See you all in a couple days!

Becky said...

It was so nice to visit with you at youth camp! I can't believe that I have a teenager, either. Are we getting old? ha! We are looking forward to you all coming- it is on a Tuesday night-so that's good. If you can come early or stay over, let us know and we'll plan to campout.

Nancy said...

I enjoyed your pictures.(I always enjoy your blog....I just don't take the time to comment like I should!) It looks like they all had so much fun. That pic of father/son praying together is priceless! What a treasure!

The Alabama Messners said...

Oh Melodie! I can't believe your oldest is ready for youth camp already. Our Jorden plans to go next year and it both excites me and scares me! Wow, where has the time gone? Great pictures! Looks like he had a blast! You guys are doing a great job with your boys!