Thursday, September 17, 2009

Independence Day 2009 in Mexico

To celebrate this special day in the land of our calling, we took the day off homeschool and headed out to explore Saltillo. We went to the Centro to look around. It was nicely decorated for the occasion.

Jordan just HAD to have some of those tacos when we went down to the centro. :-)

Love this picture of the Mexican hombres in the centro...just passin' the time.

My 3 boys sporting their Saltillo T-shirts.

brothers having fun...

Here's the game that Marc made up. The boys would swing as high as they could, then jump out of the swing, catch the football mid-air and land on the ground with the football still in their grasp. Yes "rough and tumble" is the name of the game with 3 boys.

Maybe the most amazing form of the snagged that ball and got points for this one!

Marc taking a moment to talk to some cute kids in the park.

Logan taking one of his turns....he caught the ball although it looks like it was at great cost! :-)

Jordan making the catch.

Now on to tackle football with Dad.

Oh, that thick green was sitting in this grass under a tree watching the game and snapping pictures.


Beautiful Mexican flying in the breeze on Independence Day 2009!


Janella said...

Thanks for sharing your pictures. Looks like a very fun day! I miss you all!

Anonymous said...

Makes me VERY homesick!!! By the way, those tacos ARE the best! Thanks for the great pictures. I think I might just have to make a trip down there, though. God bless you, and VIVA MEXICO!!!

Valorie said...

Hi, Mel! So cool that you guys have such neat family times in the midst of ministry duties . . that's how it is supposed to be. Everything -- all of life-- a family affair. what a good reminder to all of us. Hope you're doing well.

Ronda said...

Fun "family time" pics! :)

sherryldickinson said...

These pictures of your boys doing daredevil stunts - jumping out of the swing, catching the football, and landing with ball in arms, nearly scares me to death. Reminds me of the bone-breaking sessions our boys used to have when they were home with Bud and I. Those were the days my friend, we thought they'd never end....! Smile. If your Marc thought up that swing, jump, catch football game, he sounds crazier than your boys! Ha!
You are wonderful people for minding God's call for you to serve in Mexico. I love you and appreciate you!
Sherry Dickinson in Phoenix, AZ.

~Gregory said...

Oh' yes, I understand "rough and tumble" as well, with four boys in our family. We'll see if God decides that this next one should make boy number five. :-)

Jill said...

Hi Melodie--
I stumbled across your blog, and enjoy reading about your experiences here (as I'm living in Saltillo, too)! It sounds like you're doing beautiful work here--que Dios les sigue bendiciendo!
-Jill (

Anonymous said...

Hey!!! Loved the pic of logan catching the ball.if you zoom in on it you can see him with his wide open mouth of terror!!!! i laughed so hard!! love the pics!!!

Katie Loper