Sunday, September 6, 2009

New Friends and "arepas"

We have recently made some wonderful new friends in our colonia! Quite by accident, I might say. Our boys, while playing with the neighborhood kids in the park, had kicked their soccer ball over the wall of the neighboring house. :-( Anyway...we met Jason and Aurora when we went to retrieve the ball. Imagine our surprise to meet English-speaking neighbors!

We have so much enjoyed getting to know them. They invited us to their home last Saturday for dinner - Venezuelan arepas. Aurora is from Venezuela.

They were so delicious - thanks, Aurora and Jason!
You can see the arepas on Marc's plate. They are similar to gorditas (if you know what those are), made with white corn meal, fried in a skillet, and then stuffed with delicious steak, peppers, onions, and cheese - so good!

Aurora and I have enjoyed walking around the colonia together and hope to do it again soon. If this rain will ever go away!

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