Tuesday, October 13, 2009

This Past Sunday in Rio Bravo

We were blessed to spend part of this past Sunday with our Pastor Santiago, his family and the people at the border church in Rio Bravo.

Logan participating in the SS presentation after class. I was proud of him - he answered his questions very well in Spanish.

Me and my wonderfully sweet friend, Refugia. We've been friends since we first moved to Mexico in late 2005. This is her precious daughter and another one's on the way! :-)

Pastor Santiago's daughter Samantha...she's a cutie.

And all the kids are digging in to that delicious Sunday lunch. Edith and Isela made lunch and we enjoyed eating it at Santiago and Edith's house. Thank you so much for your hospitality!

We always have a great time with our friends, Pastor Santiago and Edith and Bible Inst. Pres. Eli and Isela. Lots of laughs and good times shared....
(Edith and Isela are sisters, btw)

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