Monday, August 23, 2010

Saltillo VBS

This year's VBS in Saltillo was the largest one they have ever had. I so much enjoyed participating and helping out every morning that week.

On Tuesday morning, Cesia (pastor's daughter, pink headband) had to take her class to the dining hall for craft time - she had almost 50 kids, ages 6 and under!

The VBS kids singing songs and doing the motions.

Thanks so much to the Oklahoma City BMC for donating these craft items for the kids to use. We appreciate your contributions!

Melisa with her class of girls. Melisa (daughter of Jose Correa) is very gifted in children's ministry. I believe the Lord has a special place for her to work in His kingdom!

Some of the boys listening to Pastor Dolores tell the story of Abraham and Isaac.

Sylvia called her twin daughters, Kenya and Christy, up to the front one day while teaching the Bible story, to illustrate what kind of twins Esau and Jacob were; twins, but not identical ones. I think these 2 are a lot cuter than Jacob and Esau were... :-)

The Sunday morning VBS program...many parents came to enjoy the presentation.

I fell in love with this sweet little girl that week.

As I watched Pastor Dolores and his wife Sylvia, along with laymen and youth in the Saltillo church, organize and direct the VBS this year, I was struck again by the huge positive of our Mexican brothers and sisters ministering/taking the Gospel to their own people. No language and cultural barriers - they do it so much better than we could. We are simply here to aid/teach/equip them and they are fulfilling their own Great Commission!

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