Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Back Home in Salamanca

We made it home safely yesterday afternoon around 5 pm. We had a good time in Texas (I LOVED my birthday dinner at Outback) and the chance to relax a little was very needed.
We sang and Marc preached at our church in Soledad (or 28, as they call it) Sunday morning and we sang, he dedicated a baby and preached at Saltillo Sunday night.

We stayed with Jose and Anna Correa and their family after enjoying a meal with the Saltillo pastor and people and also those from La Boca who had come to Saltillo for the joint-service. I might add that during this meal I actually tried fried grasshoppers that Bro. Dolores had brought back from Oaxaca. They were absolutely putrid and disgusting, especially when I sat there looking at their crisp little bodies with the legs fried off.....But I told the people who were ALL watching: "Now I am really a missionary!" I probably said it wrong but they got the point and cracked up anyway.....

We stopped by San Rafael on our way home to visit a moment with Eli's parents who own and operate a tortilleria there in the village. We needed to nail down some details about this upcoming youth convention. It's hard enough for me to hear, process, think and respond in Spanish when the situation is perfect....but when there are machines running in the building so loudly that I can hardly hear anything at all - well, it was quite a challenge. But I must have not botched it completely - we talked for 15 minutes or so...and I left with 4 hot packages of tortillas de maiz!

Well, I need to get moving. Today it's laundry and back to homeschool - and trying to get ready for the work team coming in a few days.

Love you all,

p.s. oh yeah, and I went by myself (well, with Logan) to buy lots of groceries last night at the Soriana store. I know...isn't it about time....but for me, it was huge. I didn't get lost and made it back home in one piece, gracias a Dios.


Myranda said...

Thanks so much for the update. Glad you had a good trip. Can't even believe you tried grasshoppers. What were you thinking?? You are WAY more brave than I am!!! We ate at Outback the other night - I thought of you!

Love ya,

Anonymous said...

Good morning!
Your blog looks great; I really enjoy checking it out often! Just wanted you to know I was thinking about you and praying for you this morning!
Love you,