Thursday, January 18, 2007

Happy Birthday, Myranda

Dear Myranda, my baby sister.....I won't be able to be as eloquent as you were on my birthday but please know that although we are far apart, you are close in thought to me today. I'm sorry you had to experience a loss with your husband and family on your special day. I love you so much and hope there are many wonderful birthdays to come...... ~ Melodie


Myranda said...

Melodie - thanks for the very sweet birthday message. I love you, too. I wish we could be together.

It was a very different birthday. Never seemed like a birthday at all - however, it is fine and some things are just more important.

Thanks again for the sweet words. I will always remember them.


Aimee said...

Hey Melodie,
I just discovered your blog. We think about you all and even have your picture on our fridge! =) I'll be watching for updates.