Sunday, January 28, 2007

What a Sunday!

We had an awesome Sunday - we were privileged to visit the two Bible Methodist Churches that are within driving distance of Salamanca: our churches in Pedregales and Cuchicuato. (say those 3 times) We had really good services in both places. Marc preached tonight in Cuchicuato. We enjoyed delicious meals with both pastors and their families. They were so kind to host us and so patient with our stumbling,bumbling Spanish. Here's a few photos:

Marc and Pastor Manuel Navarro, Pedregales

Sis. Macedonia and I, Pedregales

Dinner Conversation

The little "chickies" that enjoyed lunch right along with us

Marc preaching in Cuchicuato
My boys were too busy playing and exploring after the services to get too many pictures of them. They are not at all shy, but after a very interesting after-church experience tonight, I found myself wishing they were a little more that way. But that's another story for another post...
I hope your Sunday was blessed, also.


Missy said...

Just seeing all of those pictures makes me want to be there with you guys so bad. Can't wait to see you again sometime. Whenver that will be. I was showing Braxton the pictures and he said,"hey, there is Uncle Mawk!" We miss all of you so bad and are praying for you. Love you...MM

Myranda said...

Hey, Melodie! Love the pictures. Thanks so much for updating. I perused each one - looking at the focal points and everything that wasn't focal.

I want to hear the rest of the other story you mentioned.

Love you,

Leanna P. said...

Sounds like a fun Sunday! I enjoy your blog and the updates! I miss you.

Myranda said...

I can't wait till you get home! So excited to have an update! Please give us some new pics as soon as you get home! 8-)

Love you!