Thursday, May 17, 2007

1 Month Update on Braxton

I want to share an update on my nephew, Braxton Miller. I was so privileged to be able to spend a few days with him and my sister and family last week, due to our Grandpa Miller's viewing and funeral. It was a sad occasion that brought us together, but I did so enjoy spending time with my family and staying in Missy and Gerald's home. Caden is growing like a weed and is just the most adorable baby!

Back to Braxton - today marks a month since his accident took place and I must say, he is one of the bravest little boys I know anywhere. He has dealt so well with this trauma and thanks to God's touch on him and your prayers, he is doing well. Also thanks to the wonderful care he's getting from his parents.

Braxton visited his doctor today and came home with "half his cast". The hip cast is now reduced to a below the knee cast for 2 more weeks. At that time, more xrays will be taken and the cast will either be removed totally or a walking cast will be put on for a period of time. His knee is quite sore where it had been immobilized for so long - it'll be 3-4 days of pain getting it limbered up again and ready to use.

His doctor was very pleased with the amputation site. The new skin is growing so well and no skin grafts are needed - thank the Lord.

You should see him scooting around all over the place with that hip cast on - you can't keep a good man down, that's for sure! He learned how to maneuver the cast up and down off the couch and had no problems scooting wherever he wanted to go. Now he's slowed down a little with the knee soreness, but the doctor has given the okay for him to walk a little on this cast if he feels like it.

All in all, he's doing great and I expect to see him up and playing around with no problems when we visit in July! Can't wait!

Thanks again for your prayers.


Vonnie said...

So glad he's doing so well. I'm really gald you got to see them, I'm sure that helped to heal your heart too!! (since you couldn't go right when it happened) I loved the pictures of Logan and his friend. So, so cute!! Love, Vonnie

~Heather~ said...

PRAISE GOD for His help to precious little Braxton. I have had sooo much fun emailing back and forth with your dear sister Missy. I pray for them daily...I cannot imagine what both they and little Braxton have been through!! Glad that God is with them, and is helping!
Thanks for the update.

Love, Heather

Tamra said...

Really enjoyed talking with you yesterday. I was glad to hear Braxton is doing so much better.

~Heather~ said...

Gracias Hermana Melodia por su mensaje tan especial...POR FAVOR...VEN con su familia para visitarnos aqui en Colombia. =)Seria MUY BUENO para nosotros. Nos gustaria tenerles. Gracias a Dios que tenemos muchas fruitas buenas aqui...y nuevas para mi tambien. Y tambien nosotros queremos visitarles alla, algun dia, si Dios quere. Que Dios les guarda, y les bendiga mucho.
Con mucho amor,
Geder~ =)

~Heather~ said...

Yes, Melodie we are in this thing together. It drives our family crazy to be stared at EVERYWHERE WE GO...and comments made about our eyes, our hair, etc. We can go NO place in peace. But as someone pointed out the other day...maybe God called us here (and y'all there) to stand out with our blond hair and blue eyes, so that more opportunities arrive to talk about God. Who knows...but I'm trying to learn to just LOVE the attention (rather than letting it drive me bonkers) and go on with a smile.
Praying for y'all as you minister there, and thanks for your prayers for us,
"Missionary Sisters"...
Love, Heather =)

~Heather~ said...

Oh, Melodie...I HATE that question...Do you like Colombia or the USA better? Do you like the food here or there better? Do you think it's prettier here or there? I told that Father and his daughters yesterday that a lot of unwise Colombians have asked us those questions...and of COURSE my answer is I LOVE MY OWN COUNTRY BETTER, MY FOOD BETTER, ETC. I told him, that it's not that my country is better...but that it's MY Country, so I'm going to like it better. He lived in Ecuador for 4 years and so he sort of understood...for he said he missed his place terribly during that time. When people ask us these GOOFY questions is when GOD'S GRACE steps in (for we resist the urge to slap them for asking such a DUMB, insensitive question...HA!!!!) and we smile and casually tell them that we like both countries...WHILE OUR BLOOD BOILS INSIDE. HA!! =)
I'm with you there too "Sister"
Love ya, Heather =)