Saturday, May 5, 2007

BB guns

Hey, everybody. Cameron here.

While my friends Jacob and Jenna were here, we had fun shooting BB guns in the backyard. Maybe it doesn't seem like a girl thing to do, but Jenna had fun shooting, too.

Our grass is brown and ugly because we're in the dry season. The rains will start coming at the end of this month, then the grass should look better.
I can't wait until more friends and family can come to visit us here in Salamanca.

Hasta luego (see you later)...


~Heather~ said...

Those BB guns look like fun, glad that y'all got to do some target practicing!
When I was little, my sister Laura, shot me in the belly with a BB! =) (Can you imagine that she and I are both missionaries now? =) I'm SURE it was an accident! I cannot even imagine Laura holding a gun.

Have a Great weekend in Jesus!
We love your family, Heather

The Going Blog said...

From the Mother of another Cameron :)....
Cameron, that doesn't surprise me about Jenna. We were at their house and she brought out all her dolls into the living room and Janella was very proud to see her showing interest in them then we heard her ask my girls "Wanna build a fort?" I love that memory. I'm so glad Jacob and Jenna got to come see you.
Take care,
Martha Going

Tamra said...

We are looking forward to seeing you guys soon!