Sunday, June 17, 2007

Cameron is 10

Today our middle son, Cameron, turns 10. I can't believe it - where has the time gone since this morning 10 years ago? It seems just yesterday we were holding you for the first time, thanking God for the miracle you are.

What joy you have brought into our home, always keeping us smiling with some silly saying or goofy action that is "just Cameron".

Today we celebrate who you are and what God is making of you. He has so many plans for your life, some of which He has already revealed to you - we can't wait to watch and see what He does. Happy Birthday, son.

Love always,

Mom and Dad


lettydru said...

Happy Birthday, Cameron! I wanted to call you yesterday, but our Sunday was so full there wasn't time to even sit down! Hope your day was a happy one, and how nice it is that you got to spend it with your grandparents and cousins. Hurry back to Mexico....we miss you!

Uncle Philip and Aunt Collette

Vonnie said...

Happy Birthday dear boy. I know my boys would love to be there and help you celebrate and SO WOULD I!!! We love you lots and lots!! U. Andrew, A. Vonnie, Heidi, Katie, Drew, Grant, Tyler and Taylor

Uncle said...

Hey there Cameron!! I hope you had a Happy Birthday!! Sorry we couldn't be there with you, but we will see you very soon!! You are growing up too fast!! Be good!
Love you,

~Heather~ said...

Happy Birthday! We miss y'all! Hope you had a good day!

Kimberly, Sarah & Noah in Colombia

Nancy said...

Happy birthday to a very handsome boy! After having one myself, I love little boys with blonde hair. (Don't tell him I used the word little...but you know what I mean :)