Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Check out this Motorcycle!

Hi - it's Cameron again. You gotta see the huge motorcycle we saw in San Miguel de Allende. My brothers and I climbed up on it and my dad took a picture (I'm in the middle). It was pretty cool! It was made out of all kinds of different parts. Tell me what you think of it.

Guess what? My 10th birthday is in just 12 more days. Double digits!

Hasta luego,


Monte & Amy said...

That is neat, I am sure my son Caden would love to play on that. Looks like you all was having lots of fun.

Amy Goins

Tamra said...

What a cool looking bike! Happy Birthday - early! Looking forward to seeing you next month! Bryson still talks about you and your brothers. He misses you guys.

Paul and Candy said...

Thanks for the cool picture. The motorcycle looks real, really cool. I like motorcycles.

Brandon Lavy

Missy said...

Wow, Cam. That is really neat. When Braxton get better and we are able to come visit you guys we should go see that. I know that Braxton would love it. Maybe even Caden by that time.

I can't believe that you are almost "2 digits!!!" Turning 10 was one of my favorite birthdays. I loved writing 2 numbers instead of just 1.

I am so proud of you, MK. I am glad that you are my nephew! Can't wait to see you when you guys are here in July!

Love you...Aunt Missy

Vonnie said...

That is a really cool looking motorcycle. Looks like you could have just taken off in it. I can't believe you are almost 10. You can't be that old yet... we're going to have to put a brick on your head so you'll stop growing!! :)

Michele said...

What an interesting motorcycle. You could take the whole family on that thing! Love ya!

Marci said...

Cameron, Sure looks like you and your brothers are having fun checking out that motorcycle! My boys would love it, too.
Can't wait to see you in about a month at Pell City!
Love you,
Aunt Marci

~Heather~ said...

Nice motorcycle...how many miles does it go an hour? ;) Looks like a fun thing for y'all to climb on. I'm sure Noah and our girls would have loved to join y'all climbing all over it.

Heather =)