Friday, June 1, 2007

Visit from our Mission Board

We have just enjoyed a wonderful visit from our Missions Director, John Parker, and 4 of the other Board Members: Walt Hedstrom, Clair Sams, Bennie Durr, and Monte Stetler. They arrived last Saturday and just boarded their planes in Mexico City to return home yesterday. Victor Maldonado, a member of our church in Rio Bravo, also arrived on Saturday - to help with translating.

We all visited our church in Cuchicuato on Sunday morning, enjoyed a delicious meal with Pastor Sanchez and family and visited our church in Pedgregales in the evening.
John Parker preaching in Cuchicuato; Victor - interpreting
Special Song (Sankeys and Monte Stetler - His Name is Wonderful, sung in Spanish)
Ben Durr with the pastor's daughter, Marisa
Delicious Mexican Meal in the Pastor's home in Cuchicuato
Walt Hedstrom preaching in Pedregales
Clair Sams bringing greetings in Pedregales

Monday was spent meeting with a lawyer here in Salamanca, getting some legal questions answered, and viewing some potential Institute properties here in town.

Tuesday was the day of the Board Meetings, combining our US BMMissions board and the National Bible Methodist Board here in Mexico. The Lord's help and presence was felt in the meetings, as the future was discussed and plans made - the entire group also went to view the potential property site for the Institute here in Salamanca. Thanks so much to Pastor Philip Burch and the HIM church here for allowing us to use their beautiful facility for these meetings and to provide accomodations for our Mexican brethren. Also to Isela Balderas and Collette Burch for their wonderful help in providing accomodations and food preparation.
On Wednesday we took a great trip to San Miguel de Allende -about an hour and a half from Salamanca. This town is just beautiful and Marc and I fall in love with it more each time we visit. We shopped, ate authentic food, visited huge ornate churches, and just enjoyed walking the streets of this old town.
We want to say a heartfelt thank you to Bro. Parker and each of the Board Members who took time out of their schedule to come and visit with us, meet with the National Board, bring candy and treats for our family, and encourage us with their presence.
But next time, the wives have to come, too!
Group picture of US and Mexican Boards

Back row (l to r) Marc Sankey, John Parker, Walt Hedstrom, Clair Sams, Bennie Durr, Monte Stetler

Front row (l to r) Alejandro Cedillo, Enrique Braulius, Homero Luna, Refugio Sanchez, Jose Cruz, Dolores Hernandez


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed reading about your week and seeing all the pictures! You are doing a good job with your blog! I am so glad that you had a good time. And I loved the pineapple story. It is so ture with me, too! And I smiled "widely" because I could just see the same litte girl many years ago saying "Me do it!" You make Daddy and I so proud of you. You are doing a wonderful job! We love you so much!! We pray for all of you over and over! Love and prayer, Mama

Vonnie said...

Great pictures!! I'm glad everything went well. I love keeping up with your blog. You keep it very interesting!! Love, Vonnie

Tamra said...

Melodie,you were really outnumbered with all those men! I'm sure you did fantastic job of hostessing while they were there. They appreciated it, no doubt. It was nice to talk to you this week...if only for a few minutes!

Marty said...


We are very happy to share Gramps with your boys!!!! Steven and Carson loved being able to see pictures of Gramps in another "world"! Glad to hear that your visit went well!

The Lord willing we will see them in a couple weeks! We are very excited about going to their camp this year!

~Heather~ said...

Dearest Melodie,
Thanks for the nice update of the visit from your Mission board. I'm soooo glad that they got to come and visit y'all! I know that those visits are soooo fun! (Stressful for the hostess, but fun.=) I enjoyed seeing all the pics too!
This is a comment that I put on my blog to all y'all ladies that wrote sweet comments about Sarah's grad. post.

Ladies, y'all are very kind...Thanks for your sweet comments about Sarah's graduation and reception! I COULD NOT HAVE DONE IT WITHOUT GOD AND MY FAMILY'S HELP! We were frantically working all the way up until 2:00 (the time that the graduation was to start)PRAYING HARD that God would help us get everything done. Little did we know that we could have RELAXED for most of our guests arrived 1-2 hours late! =D
Roseanne, the suitcoat and skirt I bought at Savers Thrift store while shopping WITH YOU in Jan.!!=)
God bless each of you, your comments meant a lot to me! I REALLY MISS GETTING TO INTERACT WITH OTHER HOLINESS LADIES! So....Thanks for being my BLOG Buddies! =)
Love, Heather =)

Anonymous said...

Dear Melodie,
Nice to get caught up with ya'll's life there in Mexico. Different culture than where we are laboring, but we still feel like we are all in this together. Keep encouraged as you "Stand by your man" in ministry. Praying for you, Laura Hausman, Romania