Friday, January 9, 2009

Anniversary Celebration and Revival in Cuchicuato

This past weekend, Marc traveled down to the Central Mexican village of Cuchicuato to minister in and attend the 7th anniversary celebration and revival at our Bible Methodist Church there. 7 years ago God helped Pastor Refugio overcome personal stonings and opposition to the Gospel in that village and plant a Bible Methodist Church. 7 years later, we are celebrating the coming of the Gospel to Cuchicuato and the lives that have been changed in this village and surrounding areas.

The Lord helped him preach on Saturday and Sunday mornings. He so much enjoyed fellowshipping with our people there, as well those from other churches who supported the revival. He was so happy to meet and talk with brand new converts in the church at Cuchi - their testimonies were so encouraging. Here is a family of new converts - the Lord is really changing their lives.

Some of the ladies preparing the food.

Pastor Refugio Sanchez and his family receiving their Christmas gifts from the Auburn OH Bible Methodist Church.

Pastor Manuel Navarro and his wife Macedonia - pastors in Pedregales - receiving their gifts.

Isn't this about the cutest thing you ever saw? This is Marisa, one of Pastor Refugio's daughters. She calls Marc "Tio Marcos" - Uncle Marc - and always looks forward to his visits.

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Brenda Marquez said...

I enjoy your blog so much. I simply drink in the information and pictures, especially of the people and churches. Hermano "Cucko", as we call him, is a good friend of Manuel (m husband). Manuel actually helped on the building of this church and we used money from my mother's memorial to help fund some of the materials. This church is dear to our hearts. We would love to see the people again. Sorry, we may not be too popular with some of the Bible Methodist people in Mexico, because of some misunderstandings, but our hearts are in Mexico, and we have some dear friends among your people there. Please continue to share on your blog. Our hearts and prayers are with you! Our email is , if you ever wanted to communicate with us. Please tell Silvia and Delores, Daniel and Lorena and all the others who know us that we send our greetings, prayers and our love to them.