Sunday, January 18, 2009

My Sunday School Class

On the last Sunday of 2008 during church elections, I was elected to be the Sunday School teacher for the Primary Class here in our Bible Methodist Church in Saltillo. Immediately there was a nervous feeling in the pit of my stomach. :) I had been out of day to day Spanish for at least 8 months while traveling and raising our support, plus having to live in TX for 7 months before that dealing with Logan's medical issues. Needless to say, my Spanish needs some work.

The Sunday school classes here are no 20 minute deal. Sunday school is the order of the morning service - there's no "after service". So classes last from usually around 10:45 until noon at least.

Another thing is that after Sunday School, each teacher and class stands in front of the whole church and makes a presentation of what they learned that morning. What was the theme of the lesson, questions over what they learned, saying the memory verse, singing a chorus...

Starting to understand my nervousness?

I went to the young woman in the church, Noemi, who had been teaching the class up until that point and asked for her help. She agreed and she and I are team-teaching the class for awhile. We split up the responsibilities between Bible story, memory verse, choruses, etc....I'm learning alot from her.

I have 4 students in my class. Not a large class, but it's not a large classroom. :) We pretty much fill it up.

This morning I taught the kids the chorus - "Todo el mundo esta en sus manos" - He's got the whole world in His hands. They had never heard it before and I was amazed at how fast they caught on - complete with 4 verses and hand motions. After we presented our theme and memory verse and words to the new chorus, I played the piano and Noemi led the kids in singing it for the people. They did a great job!

Our son, Logan, is in my class. This is so good for him - helping him learn Spanish and make friends with the kids. He and Jahziel, the pastor's son, are already big buddies!

The white board that Jahziel is writing his memory verse on was a gift from the Underwood children from the Florala, AL Bible Methodist Church. They gave an amount of money to our boys during our share support service this fall and asked them to use it for a project for the Mexican children. Our boys agreed that their Sunday School classrooms in Saltillo needed white boards and here they are! Thanks so much, Underwood children!

It's my plan to continue using a team teaching model as much as I can. When my Spanish improves until I no longer need weekly help from Noemi, I plan to ask other young ladies in the church to help me in the class. I want them to learn how to teach Sunday school and to work with children. I want them to be involved in the work. I feel strongly about this. I am not here to take their "jobs", instead I'm here to help, support, teach, I'm able. Would you pray for me in this ministry God is giving me? (nervousness and all)


AIM said...

I know how you feel. Up until now we have not had S.S in the morning service only at 2 in the afternoon and Eric is the teacher. We want to start a S.S class for the kids that come in the morning with the parents. Since Eric can't preach and teach S.S at the same time I have to do it. I'm a little worried about my Spanish as well but I know that the Lord is going to help me. So as I pray for you, you do the same for me.

Tamra said...

You'll do wonderful, Melodie, with the Lord's help. I know it... Because I know you. :) I'll be praying for you in this new endeavor.

Jennifer Truitt said...

I can't even comprehend how nerve wracking it would be to try to teach as you are! I would be a wreck just trying to do it here in English!! Talking up front is not a strong point for me! I will keep you in my prayers and I know you'll do a great job!

The Smith Family said...

It's hard enough for me to come up with something to teach for our 45 min. class! I will be praying for you. When we take prayer request in our class they all try to be the first one to request prayer for the SANKEYS! Or as one child got tounge tied and called you all the Yankees! I know God will help you.

Holdens said...

Melodie I am sure you will do an excellent job..I just heard a survey that people who are involved in SS are the ones who will become established Christains..Keep up the good work..

Holdens said...
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Vonnie said...

I cannot imagine the nervousness. I would be petrified to teach SS in english! :) Will do my best to remember to pray for you!