Thursday, January 1, 2009

Cookies and a Mexican Wedding

On Saturday, I (with the help of my mother and sister in law) made about 120 chocolate chip cookies for the Youth Convention noon meal the next day. We could hardly keep the kids (or the adults) out of them so I think we ended up with about 100 to take with us.

That evening we attended a wedding at our church in Saltillo. Erika and Hugo were married in a beautiful ceremony and the reception was held just down the street - complete with tacos al pastor, and other Mexican delicacies. I loved the tradition of the bride and groom entering and exiting under the upheld flowers of the attendants.

Is this little girl precious or what?

Pastor Dolores, who performed the ceremony, is praying a special prayer of blessing over the couple. The traditional marriage lasso had been placed around them by two attendants, signifying the joining of their lives together. The unity candle was also used.

The groom presented 2 amounts of money as a part of the ceremony, one to his new bride and one to Pastor Dolores, signifying his intention to provide for and take care of his wife and his intention to pay tithe to the local church. The Bible was presented by the couple as the intended foundation of their new home.


Tamra said...

The wedding photos were neat and the cookies look delicious! Miss you!

Philip Burch said...

Should I know this couple? Who are their parents?

Philip Burch said...

Ask someone how that tradition was started, of the bride and groom entering and exiting under the upheld flowers of the attendants, and see if anyone knows. I believe I was at the first Mexican wedding where that was done some 33-34 years ago.