Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Final Level 3 English class and party at our house

We just finished up our Level 3 English class module and I'm giving the oral exam to the students during the last class. I would read the sentences and they have to write what they hear using correct spelling - very hard to do in English!!

Gabriel Trujillo, a man from the community, taking his English test - holding his little daughter, sound asleep. Is English that boring? :-)

my little sweetheart, Kenya, "taking" her English test.

part of the food for the party afterwards at our house.

We made Cincinnati Style Coneys and Marc had given a demonstration of how to "build" your coney - they had never heard of them. Here's Bro. Jose Correa, building his coney.

Marc handing out certificates to the students in the Level 3 English class.

We so much enjoy teaching English here and are beginning to see results from this ministry....Gabriel (in the orange) has invited us to his house this Friday night to study the Bible. He says his family is hungry to know about God. That's what this is all about. Thank you, Lord, for this open door!

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The Dickinsons said...

Looks like the Enlgish classes went good and the party sounded fun! Glad it is opening doors for y'all!
We're enjoying having Daryl (my b-i-l) and my neice Natasha here with us. Daryl is teaching a week's worth of classes to our church people here and God is blessing the efforts!
Natasha came along to help me since I'm supposed to still be on bed rest. I'm taking it easy, but do help cook and do dishes some! =D