Monday, March 1, 2010

Sunday afternoon service in La Boca

Yesterday, our family drove out to the village of La Boca to attend the afternoon service at our Bible Methodist Church there. Along the road outside Saltillo, we saw this pretty cool sight...only there were lots more horses and riders - must have been close to 100.

The dirt road leading out to the village of La Boca.

"Boy, there's nothing I'd rather do on a Sunday afternoon than just lay here in the sun".....

Bro. Alfonso and his wife sang a special song in the service.

Pastor Pablo preached a good message.

Pastor Pablo and his wife Ofelia. They are doing a wonderful work here in La Boca. They started with 5 people a few months ago and yesterday afternoon we had 30 in the service. Several new families are coming and Sis. Ofelia told me she had 20 children in her Sunday School class that morning!

What a beautiful sunset we saw on the way home...

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