Thursday, April 26, 2007

Cool Volcano

Hi, everybody - this is Cameron again. The pictures you are about to see are of an inactive volcano that we explored with my brothers and my friend, Jacob Snelling. It was the coolest thing that I have seen since I moved to Mexico. We walked through a tunnel that was 1/3 mile long, then we came out in the volcano. It was massive and amazing! In the bottom of the crater/volcano is all this white dust or dirt. It looked and felt like I was on the moon.

I had a ton of fun with Jacob and Jenna, but they had to fly home today. And I already miss them. (Logan - - says, "So do I)

If you come visit me, we can go explore the volcano together.
Until next time....


The Dickinsons said...

How neat! BUT...HOW SPOOKY! I guess I would be afraid that after I got inside the tunnel...that the volcano would decide to become ACTIVE AGAIN! =) Sooo glad that y'all had so much fun with your friends. It IS SAD to watch them leave though isn't it?! =(

Love, Heather and family =)

Vonnie said...

I loved those pictures of you and your friends and your brothers. That looks like alot of fun. I remember when your dad and Aunt Beth and I explored a volcano in Guatemala. That was really cool!! I love you! Aunt Vonnie

Paul and Candy said...

Great pictures. This looks like a blast. We miss you guys. The boys are growing like weeds. If we ever get the chance, we would like to come see you guys. But, we have a new born which is taking alot of our attention. You can view our blog which is

See ya
Paul, Candy and boys

Michele said...

We would like to come visit that volcano some day. It looks really cool! Miss you guys.

sankey family said...

thanks for the comments!