Saturday, April 28, 2007

The Snellings' Visit

Well, let me try to update you on the wonderful time we had while the Snellings were here. First of all, we were very disappointed that the Craycrafts could not come, and we are already planning their rescheduled visit!

When Brian and Janella arrived on Friday night, we enjoyed a meal together in our home, then just visited and spent some time catching up since we hadn't seen each other for many months.

On Saturday, we visited the market here in Salamanca, took lots of pictures (this can be said about every day) and then ate supper at La Herradura - those delicious tacos al pastor. They loved them as you can tell!

On Sunday we all attended the HIM church here in Salamanca together, enjoyed lunch here in our home with Philip and Collette Burch, then attended the Sunday night service at our Bible Methodist Church in Cuchicuato where Bro. Refugio Sanchez is the pastor. Jacob wasn't feeling well on Sunday, so at the end of the service, so Bro. Sanchez asked if we would bring Jacob to the front to have special prayer for him. It was a really neat time.
We gave the church children several copies of the Jesus, My Very Best Friend book and you can see that they were pleased to receive them.

On Monday, we went with the Burches and Snellings to Guanajuato, a beautiful town about an hour from Salamanca. We had fun looking around at the colorful buildings and walking the streets.
After that we drove many miles up the mountain to see the Cristo Rey, the huge statue of Jesus that marks the geographical center of the country of Mexico. We thought we would never get there up the very winding mountainous dirt roads but we made it and it was worth the drive. The view from the top was incredible.

Tuesday was spent relaxing and visiting here at home, enjoying a delicious meal at the Burches' home, then driving about an hour or so to the Volcano. What a cool experience - we all just loved it. This was our first time to visit this particular volcano. We walked through a tunnel (1/3 mile long) and came out in this amazing inactive volcano. You can check Cameron's post "Cool Volcano" for pictures of this. The kids had a blast running and playing around in the "moon dust".

Wednesday, we were hosted for a delicious Mexican meal and fellowship by our Bible Methodist Institute President and wife, Eli and Isela Balderas. She made incredible tamales - everything she fixes is delicious but she outdid herself this time. We ate and ate, while Spanish and English were flying around everywhere. What fun!

Thursday morning was a sad time as the Snellings packed and loaded our van and Marc drove them to Mexico City to catch their return flights. There is no way we could thank them enough for taking time out of their busy lives to come here and bless us with a visit. We were so encouraged and uplifted through their fellowship and friendship. Thanks, Brian and Janella, Jacob and Jenna. We love you!

Marc and Melodie and boys


Lavy Country said...

I am so glad you had a great time with Brian and Janella and the kids. I can't imagine what it means to have someone from "home" come and visist when you do feel so far away somedays. The pics were neat. Take care -- you're in our thoughts and prayers.
Love, Wilma

The Going Blog said...

Are you sure you live on a mission field and not a resort area? What a life you are giving your kids! I'm so thankful that Brian and Janella got to come see you. Have a great day

~Heather~ said...

Melodie, what a FUN report of y'all's time with the Snellings. How fun to see the pretty pics and read about the yummy Mexican food, etc. Thanks for sharing! So GLAD that they got to come!

Love ya, Heather =)

Vonnie said...

Thanks so much for all the fun, colorful pictures. That food looks marvelous!! Love, Vonnie

Janella said...

Melodie,the blog looks awesome!! We are still looking at our pictures. Thank you so much for having us. We made such wonderful memories that we will never forget. Our love and prayers are always close.
Love, Janella