Thursday, April 5, 2007

To See and Hear Like He Does

Thoughts of a new missionary.....

What is she saying?” My mind whirls and spins into overdrive, trying to keep up. I’m not catching it all, but I’m getting the gist. My Hispanic friend is pouring out her heart to me, knowing I don’t understand very well yet, trying to talk more slowly but losing the battle as she finally finds ears to listen to what she’s needed to say for so long.
But why me?” Lord knows I’m the greenest missionary wife ever and though I long and ache for easy communication between friends, I am challenged greatly to participate in this long-awaited conversation.
“Why now?” It’s not like we haven’t talked before, but I sense an urgency in her voice that tells me true communication is happening and I better keep up. We’re not discussing the weather, nor Mexican food, nor her children – but a sensitive subject that is near to her heart.
Lord, help me!” Tears form in her eyes and her voice quivers and my heart reaches out across the language barrier and embraces her – so do my arms. I am understanding what her heart is saying to me, even though I’m not catching every single word. I am sympathizing with my sister who feels this situation as deeply as any I’ve ever felt. I am remembering that skin color and language make no difference in our Heavenly Father’s eyes – He hears and He understands perfectly.
And He helps me take another heavy block off the language barrier wall and fills my heart with a love I’ve not felt before, a love new to me, but strong enough to grip me and change me in ways I need to be changed. To open my eyes to a whole new world – a world to which He’s called me but for which I feel totally inadequate.
“Te amo, mi amiga – estoy orando por ti” And it hits me – how much I do love her and how this encounter will take me to my knees to pray for her in a whole new way.
Oh, Lord, to see and hear like You do.


The Dickinsons said...

OH, I HAVE BEEN THERE!!! Yes, and then they want you to PRAY OUTLOUD for their need. (which you are not SURE you know what it is!)=) I cry with them, hug them, and do pray for them, and you are right...God's LOVE knows no boundaries! God bless y'all and your work for Him there! I enjoy reading your blog, we must be "kindred spirits" experiencing some of the very SAME things.
Love, Heather

Myranda said...

I know this doesn't lessen the importance of learning spanish, but when you talk to another female more than likely most of the time you want someone to listen a whole lot more than you want someone to offer advice. Maybe the best thing for her was just to talk and the best thing for you was just to listen.

I love you - you are doing a great job.

Anonymous said...

Melodie, I have been enjoying your blog so much. Today was a window into the emotional side of your life. What a neat blog and it is great to see God working through your willingness. I'm reading way to many Karen Kingsbury books because I could feel the emotion in your blog. Thank you for letting God use you.
Love, Martha Going

Anonymous said...

I enjoy reading your blog. I am so interested in knowing what life is like for a missionary, and you do a great job conveying that. So glad to hear God is using you and your family. I have a special love for Hispanics (don't know why) and am praying for you.

Vonnie said...

Beautiful!! Vonnie

Anonymous said...

Melody..Whoda thunk that us Sutherners would be speaking in an other language. I was just reading Heathers blog. I didnt realize that they were in Colombia. Isnt it neat how God leads us.. One day I would love to come visit..

Tim and Kristina said...

Great post Melodie! I am praying for you!

Martha C said...

What a testimony to your willingness that God let this woman cross your path "for such a time as this!" God bless your ministry!

Patty said...

I really enjoyed your post. It is wonderful to see how the Lord is using you in Mexico.
I think it is wonderful how modern technology lets us have a better feel of what it is like on the mission field, and how we can stay up to date on what is happening.

Anonymous said...

You said it so well. I'm right there with you... only another country and different language. It comforts my heart that these languages THOUGH SO HARD FOR US TO LEARN were created by the same GOD that created us and He can so help us to hear and LOVE like He does! God bless you, dear. Laura Hausman, Romania