Friday, May 9, 2008

Headed for Oaxaca

Marc and Steve left at 8 this morning to visit our Bible Methodist churches and pastors in Oaxaca (southern Mexico). That's the first leg of this 10 day trip. They'll be attending the revival in Pedregales (central Mexico) next weekend on their way back north.
They have many miles to cover and many people to make connections with, introducing Steve to the rest of our Bible Methodist pastors and people.

Please pray for traveling protection for them and that God would make them a blessing to our people! (And you could pray for Beth and me and the kids who are already missing them!)


The Millard Family said...

We will be praying God's blessing on them as they travel and speak.

The Holdens said...

I hope they have a good trip. Melodie you are so brave staying home and hold down the fort with 3 boys!!