Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Book Recommendation

I saw this book recommended on a friend's blog and decided to purchase and read it. It's titled Love and Respect by Emerson Eggerichs. I must say - it's a fantastic book!

Very convicting and challenging but at the same time encouraging. Marc and I have read it together and we highly recommend it to any married or engaged couple, regardless of age or "stage" of marriage.

The Love and Respect principles are so clearly explained and so Biblical. Attention is given to the role of both spouses - it's not lopsided in its approach. Anyone interested in enriching and improving their marriage would benefit from Love and Respect!


The Alabama Messners said...

Melodie-our church has a "marriage enrichment" group that meets once a month at diffent couples houses. We are currently doing the DVD series of that book. It is awsome!!

Leonard & Krista said...

I concur with Lisa's (the alabama Messners)comment. My wife and I have throughly enjoyed the marriage enrichment times when we have watched a portion of the DVD and done the workbook exercises. Truly a wonderful book.

Keith said...

That is an incredible book!