Friday, August 15, 2008

CN tower and Sunday Services

On Saturday after leaving Niagara Falls, we visited the CN tower in Toronto - it was so impressive! Just before arriving in Dawn Valley, we saw an absolutely beautiful double rainbow - my pictures don't do it justice! The colors were so vivid.

We had 2 great services on Sunday at our Bible Methodist Churches in Dawn Valley, Ontario, and Vandercook Lake, Michigan.

Thank you to the Byers and the Hillings for their wonderful hospitality and to pastors and people for their love offerings and support!

We rode a ferry on Sunday afternoon to cross the St. Clair River and to cross the international border into the United States. The river was a little rough...I was a little unsure...but we made it. (after waiting 2 hours at the border!)

Here I am with Karalynne Watters, Missionary President at Vandercook Lake. She worked very hard to prepare this beautiful bulletin board featuring our family and Bible Methodist Missions in Mexico. Thank you, Kara! It has been so nice to meet you.

We so much enjoyed reminiscing with our wonderful friends, Chris and Esther Hilling, about GBS days and our children enjoyed playing together, too!


Vonnie said...

Great pictures! Looks like a really nice time.

Cindy said...

Looks like a fun time. I went to kindergarden AND GBS with Esther :)

Chris & Esther Hilling said...

We certainly enjoyed our visit with your family! It was a "mighty fine" time!