Sunday, August 3, 2008

Share Support Services in Shelbyville and Cape Girardeau

We had 2 wonderful weeknight Share Support services this past in Shelbyville, IN and another in Cape Girardeau, MO.

Again, in both places, share supporters were added to our team, generous offerings were given, wonderful meals enjoyed....thank you to both pastors and churches for allowing us to come.

Our time in Shelbyville was made especially nice by some wonderful Hispanic people we were privileged to meet and fellowship with. We enjoyed showing them some of the pictures of our missionary work in Mexico - some of the places being familiar to them since Mexico is their homeland. It was a great refresher for our Spanish and we just fell in love with them - makes us so homesick for Mexico!

Thank you, Pastor Smith, Smith Family and church!

And then we met some wonderful new friends in Cape Girardeau, Pastor Troy Truitt and his great family! Here's a few pictures of our time together.

Jordan and Marc sharing in the service....

Boys enjoying Oreo cookies and milk...doesn't get any better than that.

Logan and Andrea Truitt...many prayers have gone up for these two -
they are special kids, for sure!

Here's Troy and Jenn.

And all the young'uns....3 Sankeys, 6 Truitts and 2 Boardmans in front of the Truitt's beautiful home.

Thanks for the wonderful overnight accomodations and meals in your home, Troy and Jenn. It was our pleasure to meet you. And thanks to Pastor Truitt and Church in Cape Girardeau for your love, support and prayers!


Jennifer Truitt said...

Hi Melodie!
It was great to see all of your pictures from our visit! We enjoyed getting to know you all sooo much!! Troy told me after you all left that he thought we could be really great friends! Hope your travels are safe and fun!!

Ronda said...

Looks like ya'll are having a really good summer....I am happy for you! I just recently met Jennifer Truitt and she seemed so very sweet...glad you were able to make new friends! Friendships are blessings from God!

Vonnie said...

How neat that Jordan helps in the services!! I'm so proud!