Thursday, August 28, 2008

Missions Services in Active and Stanton

We had 2 great midweek missions services - on Tuesday night, our service was at the Active BMC and last night at the Stanton BMC. Thank you to Pastors Consley and Ingram and people for wonderful accommodations, meals, love offerings and support. We love you all!

Here's our boys in front of the Active church and Cameron and Logan enjoying the bikes that Keaton brought over for them to ride in Stanton.

Our boys having fun with Keaton Smith and a friend.

Oh, by the way, Logan has officially started 4th grade. Here are the boys doing school at the beautiful fellowship building in Stanton where we stayed.

Karen Harrison Smith and I - old friends from Stanton Christian School.

Such an exciting thing happened at our missions service in Stanton - someone got saved during the call to surrender at the close of the service! This makes it worth it all!


Tamra said...

Wow! It's great to know God is using you mightily for Him - off the field, as well as on, with this soul getting saved!

The Smith Family said...

Awesome service! I was so excited when Bro. John told me after the service that one of the youth got saved! Glad your boys enjoyed the bikes.

Vonnie said...

Wonderful!! You all are amazing with all you are able to do while you're traveling!!