Friday, November 28, 2008

Last Day at SCCA

This past Monday was our boys' last day to attend SCCA, at least for this year. :)
Principal David Crosley made a special presentation in each of their classrooms, each boy received a gift bag full of goodies and a prayer of blessing and protection was prayed for each of them as well. What a privilege it has been for our boys to attend Stone City Christian Academy for a few days now and then during our Share Support Tour. Thank you to each Learning Center Supervisor and homeroom teacher: Steve Craig, Dan Collins, and Tamra Crosley, for allowing our boys to join your classrooms and for your instruction and guidance to them. And of course to Principal Crosley for welcoming our family to your school. And guess what? The boys are even going to be included in this year's SCCA Yearbook and receive their own copy!

A delicious cake and cool balloons were provided for all the school kids at neat how it says goodbye in Spanish to our boys.


Beth Stetler said...

SCCA is a great school. Glad your boys could attend for a little while!

Kim M. said...

That's so nice that the boys had that opportunity (and we've enjoyed seeing y'all around)

Cindy said...

I miss your boys! Sure wish they could have been here to help us with the Christmas program this coming Monday night! Please ask them to say a prayer for their friends at SCCA :)