Friday, November 14, 2008

Services at Kenwood and Franklin

On Sunday we enjoyed 2 very special services in our "home area" - Kenwood and Franklin, OH. Thank you so much to Pastor and Mrs. Durr and church people at Kenwood for your interest in Bible Methodist Missions in Mexico and for your share support and love offering. Also for the delicious lunch you provided for us!

Then on Sunday evening....back "home" to Franklin! How wonderful it was to be with Pastor and Mrs. Hooker and our special friends at Franklin. God blessed us with years of ministry there and those memories will always be dear to our hearts. Thank you Pastor and people for your share support and love offering.

Our boys and their row of friends enjoying the service together.

Our friend, Mike Pennellatore holding one of the laptops that the Heartland Conference has raised money to purchase for the Bible Institute in Mexico - thank you!
Logan and his best friend, Jacob Snelling

The beautiful parsonage where we lived for 8 years

Pastor and Mrs. Jack Hooker - we so much enjoyed being with them. Thank the Lord for their annointed pastoral leadership at Franklin.

Beautiful guest room where we stayed upstairs in "our" house.

These 2 services concluded the main part of our missions tour - we have 2 more services left and then we're finished! Our target date to head back to Mexico is Saturday, November 29! We can't wait!


Katie and the boys said...

I wanted to be in service sooo bad!! Be glad I wasn't-I was contagious with a bug. Duane really enjoyed your service.

Was it not a little weird to stay upstairs in your old house?

Nancy said...

SO sorry I didn't get to speak to you when you all were at Kenwood!!! We were having a houseful of company (for dinner)that had attended chuch elsewhere, so I was worried about getting home in time for them. I would have loved to been able to visit a few minutes. We enjoyed your service. SO glad Logan is so much better. May God bless you all!

David and Sarah Fry said...

Wow that had to be weird. Looks like you had a wonderful time.