Saturday, November 1, 2008

Mid - Week Services and Cosi

We shared our ministry this week with Pastor and Mrs. William Reese and the people at Harrison Chapel. What a beautiful and historic church! Thank you, pastor and people for the share support and love offering and to the Reeses for their wonderful accommodations and meals. It was especially meaningful to be able to visit for awhile with the Reeses - we surely appreciate them and their many years of missionary service in God's kingdom.

On Thursday we took the boys to Cosi - the Science Museum in Columbus, OH. That place is filled with educational fun right on my kids' level - they loved it! We had been there before but I think they enjoyed it more this time.


That evening we shared our service at the Heritage Bible Church in Marion OH and Pastor and Mrs. Gary Brugger. Sis. Brugger fixed us a wonderful dinner and we enjoyed visiting with them before the service. The Bruggers were our conference president part of the time we pastored at Franklin, and also served as the Director of Bible Methodist Missions. I snapped this picture of them as they watched our Share Support Video Presentation...I was imagining that memories of their time in Mexico were filling their minds as the presentation unfolded. Thank you, Bro. and Sis. Brugger for the faithful example you are to all of us. Thank you to Pastor and people for the Share Support and love offering.

After the service we traveled to my sister, Missy's home to spend a couple nights - we've had a great time. Time with family is one of the special things we've been able to enjoy during this Share Support Tour.

Logan and Cameron with their cousins, Braxton and Caden.

Thanks for everything, Missy and Gerald, Braxton, Caden and new little Baby Miller on the way - we love you!


Springer Family said...

Loved all the pics! You'll have to ask Jonathan about a certain pic he took at Cosi when he was there(He had to go alone, as I was too sick w/ being pregant w/ Kylie). Congrats to Missy too! And I love the picture of you & Marc on the sidebar! Its perfect! Have a great weekend.

Dawn said...

Tell Missy I said Congrats. I still haven't met Caden yet. I am excited. Love your pictures.