Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Sunday Missions Services

On Saturday evening we arrived in Port Clinton, OH for our Sunday morning service there in the Bible Methodist Church. Pastor and Mrs. Deron Fourman were just at the end of an incredibly busy day with a wedding, etc. but they took us out for a delicious meal and provided us beautiful accommodations that evening. A wonderful crowd was present on Sunday morning for our presentation and Fourmans provided us a delicious lunch before we left. Another special treat was to be with our wonderful friends and former parishioners from Franklin, Jim and Betty Jewett.

Thank you, Deron and Kim and kids, for being great friends all these years and to you and your church for the wonderful share support response and love offering! We really appreciate your generosity!
Katie and Logan singing "this, our song of 'deputation'", Jesus Saves, Jesus Saves!! Kinda of a family joke there.

Courtney and Kim leading the kids in choruses.

(My camera was shutting off and I didn't get all the pics I wanted at Port Clinton.)

On Sunday evening we shared our ministry at the Findlay Bible Methodist Church with Pastor and Mrs. Chris Cravens. Again, so great to be with long time friends, Chris and Julie and family. Thank you to Pastor and church for the share support, love offering, and beautiful accommodations and delicious meal.

Our kids had fun playing together after church.


Courtney said...

It was great to have ya'll here and see ya'll! Looks like I was marchin' in that picture ya got... Lol! Have a great day! Love ya...

Vonnie said...

So good to see pictures of Deron and Kim. Glad for your good services!!

~Heather~ said...

Am finally getting time to catch up on your blog. Enjoyed seeing the fun pics of you getting to spend time with 2 of your sisters...HOW FUN! (Please tell Missy I said Congrats on the coming baby. =)
Enjoyed the "working with Uncle" post too. Oh, how well we understand about the song "Jesus Saves!!" We heard it nearly every service we had. =D
Love your new blog background, really pretty. And Marci did a great job taking y'all's pics...really nice!
I hope all is well your way! It won't be long and y'all will be home in Mexico again. =)