Sunday, August 23, 2009

Back to School Project

Thanks to Pam Wilson and the wonderful people at the Bible Methodist Church in Fairmont, WV (Heartland) for their contribution of items for this Back to School Project. They sent notebooks, glue, pencils and crayons. The children and youth go back to school tomorrow morning so these supplies are a very timely blessing! Thanks, Pam and the Fairmont people! We were able to not only give these supplies out today in Saltillo, but have already given a big box to the 4 pastors in the border region - they were to give out the supplies to their church children today.

Miguel, Cameron's friend in his SS Class. Sis. Ana Correa is their teacher.

Melisa Correa

Kevin, one of the students in my SS Class - he's such a sweetie! He keeps us laughing in SS with the witty things he says.

Diana Hdz.

Kevin's twin, Dariela..also in my SS class. Such an angel.

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