Friday, August 21, 2009

Ladies' Meeting and Scrapbook Class

Last Friday evening we had another activity for our ladies and young girls (we even managed to include one guy who wanted to participate) :-)

It was another wonderful time together - so much enjoy these times!

Sis. Sylvia (pastor's wife and my awesome friend) gave us a great devotional from Proverbs on God's promises. We had a good time of prayer for several special needs among us, then we got to work.

We have recently received LOTS of scrapbook materials from so many kind donors and we're so excited!! The ladies just couldn't look through them fast enough and kept saying "how nice for the sisters in the north to send us these" etc.....Your contributions have been SO much appreciated. More on that later.

Don't be bashful, folks..step right up! (Believe me, they're not a bit bashful when it comes to SBing)

Just look at that big table full of SB materials!

Sylvia choosing the accents for her layout.

Havin' fun! (check out Kenya perched on the table; that's where she stayed most of the night)

mothers and daughters working together....

And of course, you always have these 2 little guys running around; where you see 1, you see the other.

Sylvia's pretty layout of herself and her husband Dolores. I thought she did a good job scrapping in English. :-)

mothers and daughters again....

and again.....

Putting frosting on those "pastelitos".

A few of the cupcakes I took....some of the men wandered in JUST at the right moment to see what was going on (and to take advantage of the pastelitos) :-)

Ladies, to all of you who have so kindly donated SB materials, we thank you. Since there are so many of you, we decided to make a SB page to thank you altogether. Each lady present wrote her thanks and a little note. I reminded them that you all wouldn't understand if they wrote in Spanish, so they needed to write in English. After much asking and conferring and examples written, they got started. I thought they did a great job. (I hope you can click on this picture to enlarge it so you can read their sweet thank yous!)
Thank you from me, ladies. You have blessed us so much.

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Kara Plank said...

what an awesome way to get the ladies together & have fun! (and take something home from it!)