Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Campmeeting in Saltillo

This past weekend we enjoyed the Campmeeting services here in Saltillo. Bro. Rusty Rundell did a fantastic job preaching and really ministered to all of us. The Lord's presence was close in the services we were able to be a part of (we didn't return from our trip up north until Sat. afternoon). Thank the Lord for victories won and spiritual ground gained.

Bro. Rundell speaks absolutely impeccable Spanish - I'm serious! I'm in awe! :-) Really, for a person who has worked for almost 4 years to learn this language, I am amazed at his ability to effortlessly jump in and out of the subjunctive tense, making correct use of the gender and pronouns, never seeming to pause to think of a word. (sometimes it feels like that's all I'm I couldn't even think of how to say "I 'unplugged' the fridge'. "Unplugged" just really got me. My friend Sylvia pulled me through as she does so many times. :-)

He grew up in Peru and was a missionary in Honduras for many years, hence the fluency. I want you to know, Bro. Rundell, how much I enjoyed your messages (although I did tell you when you were here). Not simply because of your amazing Spanish - loved that! - but for the clear truth and hope you brought to us. I don't think I'll ever forget your Sunday night sermon - "It Still Can Rain". Thank the Lord for the rain of His presence we felt during the Campmeeting!
We also enjoyed having Bro. Rundell in our home on Saturday night for the classic Sankey dessert - vanilla ice cream with chocolate syrup!

Bro. Jose Correa leading the singing on Sunday.

The altar scene on Sunday night. There were also people praying at the front seats.

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