Sunday, August 23, 2009

Youth Activity

Last Saturday evening, Marc and I were in charge of the Saturday Youth Activity. We met at the church for a devotional and choir practice, then brought everyone here to our house for nachos and games. We taught them how to play Dutch Blitz. They had never played it before - it was hilarious! But they did a great job. Love our young people - they're the best!

Jordan's borrowed shades crack me up!

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Missy said...

Jorday is crazy! How is he even seeing without his glasses on? There is no way that I could play dutch blitz without my glasses. Technically...I can't play dutch blitz with my glasses ON either! lol! I love seeing the pictures and the updates. I didn't get to see enough of you when you were "here" and now I have to wait until Christmas! Love you so much! You are a wonderful missionary and I am so so so proud of you! Can't wait until we can come see you. Love you...