Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Another CT

Logan goes in today for another CT scan. This is to let us see the condition of his sinuses and his left eye after several weeks of taking these 2 very strong oral medications: antibiotic and anti-fungal. Clinically, we can see that his eye has not receded all the way, although it's much better. Please help us pray for a good report and that God would give our doctors wisdom as they make decisions based on this scan.

Here's Logan with his little friend, John Lopez.


Anonymous said...

Logan I pray that you get a good report from the doctor.

"...With God NOTHING is impossible." Luke 1:37

Love & prayers,
Karen Smith
Stanton, AL

Tamra said...

Thinking of you guys today. Hope Logan gets a good report.

Karen Walden said...

Hoping and praying for a good report! It does look a lot better! I'm thinking of you all today!

loree2000 said...

God's blessings are so rich!
Thankfully, God has touched and helped Logan. May he continue to do so!

Vonnie said...

Mom said you will find out Tuesday what the Doc says. We are praying for an encouraging report.