Monday, April 14, 2008

Success and God's protection

The house hunting expedition was successful! Watch Stetlers' blog for

Thank the Lord for His help! Here's Marc, Beth and Steve with the beautiful city of Saltillo behind them.

We are also so thankful for the Lord's protection over Marc, Beth and Steve. They were involved in a traffic accident in Monterrey on Friday afternoon. A guy driving a truck with a large flatbed trailer hit our van in the front right corner, smashing it in and forcing Marc over against the curb on the other side of the road.

When the cops and insurance adjusters arrived, the guy admitted he was at fault and his insurance is supposed to pay to fix our van. Thank the Lord the van was still driveable and that no one was hurt!


Janella said...

So glad your trip was successful! The city is really pretty!
Glad the accident wasn't worse. Sounds like they were in New York city traffic! Is it really busy there?
Love, Janella

Angie Davis said...

Yikes about the car, but we were praying they'd find a house!

Tamra said...

At least the man admitted his wrong-doing! And it's good he had insurance. We can't wait to see Beth's photos.

Missy said...

Thank goodness the accident wasn't any worse then it was. That could have been horrible! I am glad that everyone is safe. And glad that the stetler family was able to find a home. Always love the updates you do. Such a great job! Love you so much...