Wednesday, September 17, 2008

More stops along the way

We recently shared our ministry with West Blocton, Enterprise and Florala Bible Methodist Churches. Thank you to pastors and people alike for your share support, love offerings, and delicious meals!
Enjoying a meal with Bro. Rinnie Evans and family and the Rays

Logan being silly in the background

We drove across the state line into Florida to say we'd been to Florida on this tour..smiles.. If you check out this sign you can see that we were sitting high atop the Highest point in Florida - 345 feet above sea level!

The sandy road leading back to Florala Church

The dining hall dedicated in my Granny's memory - still love and miss her so much.

Cody and Cheyenna Underwood had been working on a project to raise money for children in Mexico. They presented it to our boys at our service in Florala and the boys are already full of ideas and suggestions on what project to do in Mexico! Thanks, Cody and Cheyenna - we'll be letting you know what project we come up with. Thank you for your investment in Bible Methodist Missions in Mexico - we pray God's special blessings on you for your gift!

Marc sharing in our service in Florala, introducing people to some of our Bible Methodist pastors and churches in Mexico by way of pictures.


Springer Family said...

the pictures are great! thanks for keeping us all updated while you travel...I know its busy. =)

Crystal Mason said...

Oh yes! We've been down that "dirt" road to Florala...except it was mud when we stopped by!!!!

Vonnie said...

Wonderful! Very interesting!

Ronda said...

Enjoyed your travel's fun to come along on the tour! :) Is it hard to home-school while you travel or do the kids adjust well? Looks like ya'll are making lots of good memories! Thanks for your nice comment on my blog! Blessings!

~Heather~ said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog. I know too well how hard it is for your kids to try to get schoolwork done while on deputation. Even if they get their goals always feel rushed or like something isn't right (or at least I did.) (Though your children are older than mine were when we traveled so I know their studies are more complicated.) I know you will love getting back home to Mexico and getting settled down to a regular schedule. Though deputation is fun getting to see all your friends and meet new ones, it does wear we Mommies and Daddy's out. But...our kids LOVED deputation and ask quite often if we can do it again soon. =)

I just recommended that book Love and Respect on my blog and told them that I had seen it recommended on your blog and was able to purchase it my last day in the USA. Thanks for recommending it.
Enjoyed seeing a lot of familiar faces on your blog. Since my Grandparents lived at Florala for a time when your grandparents did, we have fond memories there too. Melinda Shirk told me that they enjoyed having y'all over for dinner. =)
Have a great day.