Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Reopening of the Bible Methodist Institute in Mexico

We are so excited and pleased to announce the upcoming Re-Opening of our Bible Methodist Institute in Mexico! The Lord has opened some wonderful doors of ministry opportunity to us and we thank Him for His divine wisdom and leadership in these developments. Please notice the prayer request info below along with some details about the Institute.

The Reopening of our Bible Methodist Institute in Mexico:
October 14-20, 2008 in Rio Bravo, Tamaulipas, Mexico.

  • Please pray for Institute President Eli Balderas and the staff
  • Pray for visiting professors: Rusty Rundell from Union Bible College, teaching Doctrine of Holiness Class; and William Snider from Hobe Sound Bible College, teaching Church History Class
  • President Balderas, Field Director Marc Sankey and Missionary Steve Stetler will also be teaching classes.
  • Please pray for our Bible Methodist pastors as they attend and the young people they will be bringing with them from their churches.

President Eli Balderas

Keep checking back for more details and photos of this exciting event!


~Heather~ said...

Thanks for your nice email and nice comments on my blog while I was in the States. I enjoyed getting caught up on your blog today.

This is exciting that y'all's Bible Institute is re-opening. How Neat.

Now that we are back in Colombia, our brains are trying to remember all the Spanish that we knew before we went to the USA to have our baby Elijah. Little by litte, with God's help we'll get it back. Phillip is doing lots better than I am at remembering words. It's God helping him I'm sure, since he HAS to preach in Spanish, no other options. =D

I know y'all will enjoy getting back to Mexico. We enjoyed our deputation, but it does make one weary, and makes getting "home" (wherever that is for a missionary) seem all the more special when you finally get there. =)
Love y'all!

Vonnie said...

Wonderful news!!