Monday, September 22, 2008

Our last weekend in the Alabama Conference

We shared our ministry with Talladega and Waycross Bible Methodist Churches last week - thank you to Pastors Blankenship and McCormick and people for the meals, wonderful share support and love offerings!

The boys had fun playing with Pastor Blankenship's son.

And driving/riding the go cart in Waycross - thanks, Amber!

Then on Saturday we visited the Bible Methodist Church in Gainesville, GA. We had a wonderful time sharing our ministry with the dear people there. Thank you for the support, meal and love offering!
Yesterday morning we presented our ministry at the Covington, GA Bible Methodist Church. Thank you to Pastor Budensiek and wonderful people in Covington for everything you did for us: for the wonderful meals and accomodations, the share support and the very generous love offering. We so much enjoyed our time with them!

The boys (and us) enjoyed the ice cream Pastor Budensiek treated us to!

Pastor Phil and the church people here are the ones who contribued money to purchase Cameron his Little Martin guitar - the one he plays in all our services. He loves his guitar and played an offertory with me for the first time on Sunday - we played "It is Well With My Soul".

The Covington people contributed $1500 to the Saltillo Parsonage Project! Thank you so much - this will be a huge blessing to Pastor Dolores and his family and to the continuing progress of the work on the house. Watch our Missions blog for pictures of this project.

Another special thing happened for Marc and me yesterday morning - we had the privilege of visiting with 2 Hispanic ladies who attended the service in Covington. Both of them were named Teresa and were from Honduras and Colombia. It was so fun to speak Spanish with them - we enjoyed a delicious dinner with them at the Smiths' beautiful home.

Then last night we presented our service in Easley, SC. A great crowd was in attendance. Thank you so much to Pastor Going and church people for the share support, generous love offering, and great meal and accomodation. Also for the fellowship after church!

It was so fun to get to be with Cathy Parker, our dear friend and wife of our Missions Director, John Parker. Bro. John was not able to be present due to connectional meetings out of state. We missed you!

We also enjoyed getting to see another one of Marc's cousins, Wesley Webb and his wife, Shannon!

And now we turn our attention north to the Heartland Bible Methodist Conference and some services in various other churches. We begin tomorrow night in Fairmont, WV and the completion of the tour of this "our" Conference will complete our Share Support Tour - on Sunday, November 9. We are looking forward to visiting the Heartland churches!


Springer Family said...

Hey! Hope you enjoy fall!! =) We'll be in PA Oct 11-18 so I'm hoping to get lots of pictures in the leaves!! =)

~Heather~ said...

Enjoyed the update and the pics. Neat that Cameron is playing his guitar in your services. How special that y'all got to visit with those 2 Hispanic ladies. Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog. God bless as you head up North for more deputation services.

Beth Stetler said...

I really enjoy reading about your travels. Great pics of family and friends. Cameron is looking more and more like you.

Vonnie said...

Well, you are keeping busy!!! We love you and are so looking forward to Christmas!!

Ronda said...

Fun travel updates...great pictures!!!