Sunday, February 8, 2009

Logan is 10

Well, we've had a wonderful weekend here in the Valley, have gotten alot of things accomplished and are "topping it off" today with Logan's 10th birthday. I am trying to process that my baby is 10 and am not quite getting it...smiles..
Logan, buddy, 10 years ago you made our family complete. How would we make it without you? A year ago this time, we thought we might lose you - but God was so good and gave you back to us. We love you more than we can tell you! Happy 10th Birthday!
Logan's not a cake man, so his request is thick fudgy brownies with chocolate syrup in them and chocolate chips on top, along with vanilla ice cream supplied by Aunt Beth ought to be a great birthday party!
More birthday activity and gift pictures later: the Zone, etc.
Marc is to preach in our BM church in Soledad this morning, then we'll head back to Saltillo. It's been a great weekend!
This is the picture Aunt Marci took of Logan before Christmas.


Beth Stetler said...

Feliz cumpleanos to Logan! He's a great kid!! See you at the part-ay. :-)

Michele said...

Happy Birthday Logan! We love you!
Randy, Michele and Nate

Missy said...

Happy 10th birthday, Logie! I am so proud of you and are so glad that you are my nephew. I hope you had a great party. I think your brownie request sounds awesome. I love you very much...Aunt Missy

Julie said...

Happy Birthday, Logan!

Ronda said...

Happy Birthday to your handsome Logan...hope that he has a special year! :) His choice of birthday dessert sounds yummy!

Kelly S said...

Happy Birthday Logan! You're a very handsome young man! I wish I had a bite of those brownies! Yum!

mtomes said...

Happy Birthday!!