Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Oaxaca Trip Days 1 & 2

I want to try to share the pictures with you on a day by day basis, so you get the feel for the trip and what they did each day.

Day 1 - Monday. Marc, Conference President Dolores, and Steve left Saltillo early heading for the Monterrey airport. They arrived in Oaxaca City, Oaxaca in the early afternoon and met our Missions Director John Parker there. They were met by Pastor Benito and his wife Anna and family and enjoyed visiting with them for awhile.

Pastor's wife Anna (Oaxaca City) and their 2 darling boys

An evening trip was taken up to our Bible Methodist Church in Jayacatlan to visit Pastor Alejandro and his new bride, Chele. Marc was happy to present them their gifts from the Auburn OH Bible Methodist Church (part of their Christmas Project). As you can see from their faces, they were happy to receive them. Thanks again, Auburn!

Steve, Pastor Alejandro, Marc, Pastor Dolores

Receiving their gifts

Bro. John, Pastor Dolores, Marc, and Pastor Alejandro singing in the church at Jayacatlan

Praying a special prayer of blessing over Alex and Chele

I was a little concerned about their night trip back down the mountain to Oaxaca City, but all went well. They spent the night there in Oaxaca City and sometime during this day (I believe) were joined by our pastor in Cuchicuato, Pastor Refugio (Cuco).

Day 2 - Tuesday. The travelers were up early and boarding a bus heading south across the mountains to the village of San Gabriel. The bus ride is a story in itself, I hear; Marc's had "various and sundry" experiences on this particular ride on his different trips to Oaxaca. But they arrived safely and were met by Pastor Desiderio Lopez and his wife and hosted by them during their stay here in this village.

Pastor Dolores preached a great message that Tuesday evening in San Gabriel. Here's the altar scene at the end of the service.


Vonnie said...

Neat pictures! Phillip and Heather always talk about the "interesting" bus trips. I guess they can be pretty scary... and they always have awful movies playing for all to see. Glad Marc and Steve and the others made it safely back.

Tamra said...

Enjoyed the photos, and especially liked the "various and sundry" comment. LOL! I'll be looking forward to seeing the rest of their trip in photos. So glad they are back home safe!

David and Sarah Fry said...

Enjoyed the update and our few seconds of chatting today before our computers went bonkers.

My mom's brother died tonight. I'm listening to the music on your blog as I wander around in shock.

Love ya.