Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Our Spring Revival in Saltillo

Our revival here in Saltillo began last night and goes through Sunday. Marc preached the opening sermon and the Lord really helped him. He preached about having a real encounter with God and the changes it will make in someone's life. There was one seeker and a time of praying around the altar at the close of the service.

Please pray for the revival effort this week. Steve Stetler will be speaking tonight and Eli Balderas, our Institute President will be preaching for the weekend. We need God's presence in a very real way to touch hearts and send the revival that we need.

Marc left home at 6 this morning to fly to Cincinnati/God's Bible School for a training/demonstration session on an online education system; it may be a possibility for us to cooperate with for one facet of our Bible Institute efforts here in Mexico. He will be back on Saturday, Lord willing.

So for now, it's the boys and me and


Kelly S said...

We will be praying for your revival!. Let us know how it goes.

We'll also be praying about the online education possibilities. Technology is amazing, isn't it? David set up some online training for his company and it has been a blessing. It has kept him from having to travel many times!

Joe said...

Well, I'll probably be seeing him here then. Maria said something about going out to eat with him while he's here.