Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Our Spring Revival in Saltillo

Our revival ended up great on Sunday. Bro. Eli (Bible Inst. Pres.) preached the weekend services and did a wonderful job - God really helped him. I really did not get a good blog-worthy picture of him to post. Especially annointed was his message on the eagle Sunday night, likening the eagle to us as Christians. It was powerful and much-needed.

Beth and I helped Noemi teach the combined Sunday School class (our classes plus the preschool class) in the dining room during the preaching on Sunday morning. It was interesting to "rise above" the noise of the kitchen, where the ladies were working hard fixing the delicious lunch, but we did it. :)

The meals and fellowship with our people in the dining room on Sunday were much enjoyed. Pastor Dolores, his wife Silvia and the church people were very organized and worked very hard for this revival effort. We are so thankful for their dedication to God's kingdom and His service - and grateful to share a part in it.

Caught Cameron with his mouth full, enjoying the delicious lunch...I'm sure he'll love me for posting this one.

Here's a shot of the Sunday evening crowd. I was playing the piano although you can't see that in the pic. Click on the next 2 pics to enlarge them.

Marc directed the Youth Choir and I accompanied them to sing a beautiful song Sunday night. The song they sang was "Vencedor" in Spanish - Through It All in English. They did a great job!


Ronda said...

Enjoyed catching up on your lives! I love "clicking on" and actually getting to see what you all are doing there in Mexico! I really enjoyed seeing the pastor's wives post! Very interesting! Hope that you are having a great day!

~Heather~ said...

Glad that your revival went well. Looks like y'all had a good crowd.
Your Valentine's Gift and cards are sweet. Isn't it fun to be loved by an awesome husband? I'm blessed beyond words.

Have a super day in Jesus! =)

Tamra said...

Looks and sounds like the revival went real well!
Glad Marc was able to make it home in time to celebrate V-day with you!